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What we Do


Month of Coordination

We are the perfect fit for  those that want to take the reins in their wedding planning. Allow us to get you started on the right track with 3 hours of beginning consultation.  We will impart our knowledge based on what you express your wedding needs are and give you a list of wedding vendor recommendations.  From there, you take over and arrange the details.  But don't worry, we are always on hand if you have any questions or need additional guidance along the way!  We will come back in about 30 days before your wedding day and learn about all the great things you have booked and designed.  We then touch base with all of your vendors to make sure no small detail has been missed and update them with timing and setup information.  Then enjoy seeing all of your hard work unfold as we execute the wedding day you put the time in to carefully craft.


Our Philosophy


A newly engaged couple develops a concept for what their wedding day will be...what it will feel like and how the guests will experience it. 


Honeycomb Wedding Planners then bring together design concepts and logistics with the appropriate wedding vendors to make this dream concept a reality.  Each piece of the puzzle begins to fall in place and fit perfectly to express the personality of the two being married. 

Like little honey bees work on each individual piece until the honeycomb becomes a home, so will we work tirelessly to build the wedding day you deserve.

We will work directly with you, with open lines of communication, so we understand your every expectation.  The planning process will be just as fun as the wedding day itself.  With a planning duo by your side taking care of the details, you get to truly take it all in.  We treasure the role we get to play in what is one of the most memorable days of your life, and we take that responsibility very seriously.  We can't wait to become part of the family!

Busy Bees

For your Wedding Needs


This team has worked together in synchronicity for nearly five years in weddings and events.  With experience in large corporate events, elegant galas, weddings from half a million dollar affairs to intimate pop-ups, cultural celebrations and South Asian weddings, destination wedding planning and consultation, and helping to open a multi-million dollar event facility, their background has created a perfectly balanced dynamic. 



Melissa has over four years of experience in planning weddings and events in the Louisville area and at destinations as far as Miami.  She thinks of each event as an adventure she gets to go on with new friends.  There is not a design concept too wild or outside of the box for her liking!  She wants to get as creative as your mind will take you.




Emily has over 8 years of experience in planning weddings and events.  She is Honeycomb's logistics guru for the planning and day of execution.  She solves the problems before they even have the possibility of popping up.  Her strong relationships with Louisville vendors will make your wedding day run even more smoothly!


Life is the flower in which love is the honey.

-Victor Hugo

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