Wedding Coordination          $2500

We are the perfect fit for those that want to take the reins in their wedding planning. Allow us to get you started on the right track with 3 hours of beginning consultation.  We will impart our knowledge based on what you express your wedding needs are and give you a list of wedding vendor recommendations.  From there, you take over and arrange the details. 

But don't worry, we are always on hand if you have any questions or need additional guidance along the way!  We will come back in about 30 days before your wedding day and learn about all the great things you have booked and designed.  We then touch base with all of your vendors to make sure no small detail has been missed and update them with timing and setup information.  Then enjoy seeing all of your hard work unfold as we execute the wedding day you put the time in to carefully craft.


What we do: 

  • Initial Meeting & Vendor Referrals

  • Create layout 

  • One month out meeting

  • Confirm all vendors 

  • Beauty Schedule

  • Ceremony Notes 

  • Detailed Timeline with specific timelines sent to all vendors

  • Rehearsal Coordination

  • 1 Lead Planner & at least 1 assistant on site 

  • Place linen on tables 

  • Place ready made centerpieces & personal items around venue

  • Napkin folding when necessary 

  • Cake base return

  • Pack up personal items, gifts and bags & place in vehicle

  • One of the first vendors on site and one of the last vendors to leave!

  • And we are always here to answer any questions that arise during the planning !!